Wall Decor is a great idea that that can help create a homely ambiance and the illusion of space within a place in a home, hotel lobby or an office. Impact your visitors by displaying our custom photographs featuring the beauty of Uganda. Your visitors should learn more about the country from the pictures displayed because Uganda is a country gifted by nature with friendly people and diverse cultures. At Snap Uganda, we help you design, print and install the relevant Wall Decor.


We specialize in: Product, Interior, Nature, Wildlife, Travel, Macro, Still, Photojournalism, Culture, Development work, Photo Essays, Photographic trainings and also execute special assignments from all over the world.


We make films and develop scripts from ideas. We have vast experience in taking clients’ through all phases of a Project Life Cycle. We work on all types of documentaries based on research. Our documentaries present facts objectively.


At Snap Uganda, we equip our clients with basic photography skills to enable them capture the raw beauty of the Pearl of Africa. Our commitment to share our photography skills through workshops and hands -on training while on trips. This ensures that regardless of your photography skills level, you will always get the best memorable images to share with your loved ones. We also do private photography training for individuals or groups.


With thousands of high quality pictures about Uganda, we make it easy for pictures buyers, tour operators, publishers and advertising agencies to pick what they want from our collection thus saving them money and time.